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2016 health pavilion

3D Anatomy
PAWS program
Life Flight Crew

Interactive exhibits, hands-on attractions, and activities for the whole family

Learn how to prevent athletic and workplace injuries and traumas| See how Google Glass is being used in autism therapy | Watch cooking demonstrations and learn menu planning for delicious, healthy meals | Learn about the latest technologies for detecting concussions | Cuddle with a dog from Stanford's Pet Assisted Wellness (PAWS) program | Play with cutting-edge, virtual reality technologies | and much, much more

tech edge
Play with cutting-edge Oculus glasses that let you explore and interact with the anatomy of the human body in 3D. Participate in a study for the Virtual Human Interaction Lab. Demo EYE-SYNC, a 30-second eye tracking test that identifies lack of focus–a key problem after a concussion. See how Google Glass is being used to help autistic children to recognize and classify emotions.

preparedness matters
Come explore Stanford's state-of-the-art emergency communications vehicle. Protect your family by learning easy ways to plan and prepare for an emergency.

Pet Assisted Wellness at Stanford
Cuddle with an adorable member of PAWs, Stanford's canine wellness program.

ask the experts
Get answers to your health questions from Stanford experts in a variety of medical specialties–no appointment necessary! Get free biometric screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, and body mass index (BMI). Research health topics and cancer clinical trials with experts from the Stanford Health Library and the Stanford Cancer Institute. Hear about Vista Center for the Blind's individualized rehabilitation programs. Learn about Stanford Healthcare Advantage–a health plan for seniors.

New Stanford Hospital
Check out our state-of-the-art hospital that will open in 2018. See drone footage and time-lapse videos of hospital construction and experience the new atrium with 3D virtual reality goggles. Take a small group tour to a viewing platform at the construction site.

injury prevention
Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of Stanford Trauma Services. Learn how improving strength and balance can help older adults reduce their risk of falling. Play games that teach safety tips and how to reduce risk for car and bicycle crashes. Learn from experts how to prevent childhood injuries.

nutrition matters
Enjoy cooking demonstrations, presentations, and Q&A with Stanford nutritional experts who will provide tips for creating healthy meals. Get advice from a Master Gardener on how to choose the best produce and keep it fresh.

functional movement screening
Meet with a Stanford athletic trainer who will perform a hands-on screening to evaluate your flexibility, balance, and body symmetry to identify insufficiencies. You'll walk away with helpful suggestions on how to improve your movement and athletic performance.

the art of health
Experiment with a variety of art materials to create an expression that will lift your spirits, relieve your stress, and promote your well-being.

Stanford Life Flight helicopter
Climb aboard Life Flight and experience some of the most advanced airborne lifesaving technologies available.

Learn about Stanford's innovative education and research program to reduce skin cancer and sun damage.